Budget Committee

 Charter Provision

There shall be a budget committee consisting of five members who shall be appointed by the town council. Each member of the town council shall appoint one member to the budget committee and following initial appointments, terms will be for three years. The budget committee shall promulgate at its organizational meeting rules and regulations governing its operations and procedures, and said rules and regulations shall be approved by the town council. The budget committee shall complete its consideration of the budget, including all necessary conferences with the town council, the town administrator, department representatives, citizens and private corporations, not later than the second Monday in April in each year and shall annually on said date publish its recommended budget and budget message by filing two copies thereof with the town clerk. The budget committee recommendations shall be considered final at this time. No later than the second Monday in April of each year, the budget committee shall cause copies of the budget recommendations to be delivered to each member of the town council and shall file one copy with the town clerk to be available for public inspection. Recommendations shall include an estimate of funds on hand and obligations pending as of the beginning of the new fiscal year, estimates of revenue anticipated together with its revenue and tax proposals, recommended expenditures divided into an operating budget and capital budget and such supporting explanations and information as it may deem appropriate or the council shall have requested. In preparing the budget, the budget committee shall have the authority in consultation with the town administrator to alter the estimates submitted as it shall see fit.




How to Understand the Fiscal Impact of the Proposed Teacher's Contract

 NSTA Narrative

 NSTA Fiscal Impact

   Proposed Salary Spreadsheet

 PLEASE NOTE:  These documents were drafted by the North Smithfield Budget Committee.  They are intended to illustrate the fiscal impact of the proposed contract between the NSTA and the North Smithfield School Committee.  Please note that certain totals may appear to be off by a dollar or two due to rounding.

The following presentations were made at the October 26th, 2015 Joint Meeting of the Town Council, Budget Committee, School Committee, and Public Buildings Improvement Commission.

Budget Committee Presentation: Financial Outlook Update, Bond Timeline, and Impact Analysis on Tax Rates

Carry Forward Surplus Funds Issue

Status of Committed Fund Balance for Future Energy Bond Payments

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