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Welcome to the Town of North Smithfield
Refuse & Recycling Department

Recycling Coordinator
 Donna Kaehler
  767-2200 ext. 345 


281 Quaker Highway
North Smithfield, R.I. 02896


Monday - Friday 7:00 am. -  3:00 pm.

 SATURDAY Summer hours 9 am. - 3 pm.



Begining July 1st -  MTG Disposal

will now be our company for our trash & recycling collections.

MTG is a local East Providence company that has been servicing municipalities for over 14 years.  Residential collection days will remain the same.  Resident should not experience any problems but call Recycling @ 767-2200 x 345 if questions or problems arise.

White Goods pickup will now take place the first Saturday of the month. Next collection date will Saturday August 1st. Residents are asked to call Recycling if they would like to schedule a pick up.


* Seasonal News 


ended Saturday June 13th 

Recommended ways to handle yard waste:

1. Leave grass clippings on your lawn.  They break down naturally and provide valuable nutrients to your lawn.  And even better, it's free and saves you time from bagging the clippings!

2. Make a backyard leaf heap or compost pile.  Leaves and grass do not need to even leave your property. Put them in a pile in the back, and they will break down naturally.   Transporting yard waste off your property cost money, uses energy and is not the greenest choice, and you are missing out homemade compost you could be using on your gardens or lawns.

3.  Bring to our highway garage.  If yard waste has to be removed from you property, town residents are always welcome to bring this to our facility where we have an ongoing drop for yard waste and branches.  This is kept separate and sent to the landfill to be made into compost.  Please bring during our business hours and add right on the collection pile. You'll save us time and energy from moving this item around our facility. 



Don't throw away unwanted clothing & textiles - recycle instead!    

This item can be recycled using the numerous Kiducation boxes located throughout town, please NOT in the curbside recycle bin.  

All kinds of textiles are accepted in these boxes as long as the items are clean and dry.  Clothing, even pieces with stains or missing buttons can be repurposed.  Un-wearable items are made into rags, stuffing or even insulation. 

Accepted items are:  coats/hats/gloves;  bedding/pillows/blankets; curtains; undergarments; boots/flip flops/cleats; purses/backpacks;  stuffed animals/dolls;  scrap fabrics.


 A Bright Idea -- Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs at Some Local Stores.

Small businessess across RI are collecting light bulbs containing mercury for recycling as part of a program supported by Clean Water Fund & RI DEM.  

Somes stores that sell the bulbs are offering a free collection service for burned-out CFL's and linear fluroscents up to 4 feet in length.  New locations are being added all the time. Click link below to see current participating locations.


 RECYCLING Paint now offered at Some Retail Stores.   

Residents no longer have to wait to properly dispose leftover paints or stains. Participating retail stores now accept up to 5 gallons anytime they are open.

For program information and drop off locations, visit


Read our recent edition of Recycling News below for seasonal tips. 

 View the current edition of Recycling News

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* Town of North Smithfield Trash & Recycling Program Details.

Each town can have different programs for their trash & recycling collection. Click below to understand our community's program.  

NS Program Guidelines

The Town does also offer some, not all, additional items to be collected at the curb.  Click below for programs details.

NS Special Curbside Collections

* Why should I recycle?

RECYCLING saves your tax dollars, saves precious space in our state landfill, and is good to our environment all at the same time.  


What goes in the Recycle Bin?

Recycle bins are available at the Town Hall located at 1 Main Street and at the Highway Garage.  New residents will receive their first bin free. Replacement or additional bins are just $5


* Use community Drop-Offs for more recycling! 

Recycling does not have to stop with just using the curbside collection. See what items are accepted at our highway garage and in our town. Click below.


Recycling Accepted at our Highway Garage


 Recycling Beyond the Bin - Using Community Drop-Offs


Where do I recycle Stryofoam ?

Two area drop offs options are available for our residents - click below.

 Information & Directions to Styrofoam Drops


* How do I dispose of other items ?

Not sure how to dispose of a mattress, construction debris or other items? Click below to learn how to correctly dispose of many items.  If you do not see what you need, just give a call.

 How Do I Dispose 


* How much trash are you throwing away each week? 

See if there is more you can do to reduce this amount.

Ways to Reduce Your Weekly Trash Amounts  


*Hosting an Event in NS?  

Let's make sure all happenings in NS recycle and protect our environment. It easy. Call so we can see how we can turn your event "green"


* Moving Out or Into North Smithfield?

Moving into our town - see the information below to understand our trash program.  

Moving out or cleaning out ? Plan ahead and understand what the town will colllect when you  have a larger than normal amount of trash or recycling.  

 Moving Out or Into NS  

* What to do with Hazardous Waste. 

Keep Hazadous Waste out of our trash and environment. With all the FREE Eco- Depot collections sponsored yearly, it is easy to do.  Click below to see the complete list of collection dates.


2015 Hazardous Waste (Eco-Depot) Collection Schedule  

What items are considered hazardous?  The list can surprise you. Click below for a complete list of items that are considered hazardous and to learn about the Eco- Depot collections.

Hazardous Waste  Information Brochure


 * Holiday Collection Schedule.

Trash or recycling will NOT be collected on trash holidays.  Collections will be postponed one day. Below is the list of holidays effecting trash collection.

2015 Trash Holidays    

*  Other questions ?? 

They might be answered below, but if not just call. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions or Problems -- call RECYCLING @ 767-2200 x 345



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