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575 Smithfield Road

Phone: (401) 762-1212          

Fax (401) 766-9412

The North Smithfield Police Department is a full service department that includes:

Uniform Patrol Unit, Investigative Services Unit, Traffic Enforcement, Crime Scene Investigations, Accident Reconstruction, and a Prosecution Unit as well as providing community, youth and elderly services. 

Chief Steven E. Reynolds was appointed to the position Chief of Police in 1996 after serving 22 years with the Rhode Island State Police, retiring as a Captain, Detective Commander.

North Smithfield Police Department

Chief of Police Steven E. Reynolds

Captain Tim Lafferty, Executive Officer

Captain Glenn Lamoureux, Dept. Uniform Patrol Commander

Lieutenant Stephen Riccitelli, Investigative Services Supervisor

Lieutenant Gregory Landry, 2nd shift Uniform Patrol Supervisor

Lieutenant Russell Ridge, 3rd shift Uniform Supervisor

Department Members:

  • Detective Sharon Pagliarini
  • Detective Michael Lamoreaux
  • Sergeant Francis J. Gallagher
  • Sergeant Mark D. Bergeron
  • Sergeant Robert Nolette
  • Sergeant Ellen R. Lamoreaux
  • Officer Eugene D. Cabral
  • Officer Greg Chito
  • Officer Joseph Scotti
  • Officer Joshua Nelson
  • Officer Eric Rondeau
  • Officer Jay Rainville
  • Officer Robert Maione
  • Officer Benjamin Freeman
  • Officer Steven Donovan
  • Officer Emmanuel Avila
  • Officer Steven Conti
  • Officer Nicholas Pistacchio
  • Officer John Babineau
  • Officer Alexander Murray

Administrative Assistant Darleen Bourgette 

Units In Service:

Uniform Patrol: Is under the direction of Capt. Lamoureux who oversees the Patrol Unit and Personnel. Patrol is made up of (3) 8 hour shifts.

Investigative Services: Under the supervision of Capt. Lafferty and Lt. Riccitelli, this Unit includes Prosecution and Adult/Juvenile Investigations.

BCI Unit: Under the supervision of Capt.. Lafferty, the BCI Unit is responsible for the processing and gathering of evidence at a crime scene. Officers in this Unit are Capt. Lafferty, Capt. Lamoureux, and Lt. Ridge.

Accident Reconstruction: Under the supervision of Capt. Lamoureux, the Accident Reconstruction Unit is responsible for all serious injury and fatal accident investigations.

Traffic Unit: Lt. Landry, the Traffic Safety Officer is responsible for coordinating and organizing the overall traffic safety program for the Department.

Community Policing: It is the responsibility of the entire Department to work with and within the community. This is done during all shifts by visiting the Housing for the Elderly, monitoring all parks and recreation areas and businesses within the town limits.

Tech Information Management: Under the supervision of the Captain, the Tech Information Management Officer is responsible for maintaining the Management System of the Police Department.

Grant Writing: The grant writer seeks grant funding opportunities as well as grant management.

Training Unit: Under the supervision of Capt. Lafferty, the training officers duty is to schedule and keep complete and update records of all trainings for the Department members.

Firearms: (Capt. Lafferty) is the Department Firearms Instructor and is responsible to train/qualify all officers in the proper use of all firearms used by this department.

Evidence/Property: Under the supervision of Capt. Lafferty, the property/evidence officer is responsible for proper handling and storage of all evidence collected.

Records: (Administrative Assistant) Under the supervision of the Department Executive Officer, it is the duty of the Records Department to maintain proper filing of all reports and receive all incident reports and accident reports and release as authorized.

Fleet Management Unit: (Off. Cabral) The Fleet Manager is overall responsible for maintaining, planning, and coordinating the Motor Vehicle Fleet for the Department. Under the general supervision of the Fleet Manager, the Fleet Maintenance Officer is responsible for maintaining department fleet records and coordinating the maintenance of the Motor Vehicle Fleet for the Department.

ATV Enforcement/Search and Rescue: (Officer Greg Chito) Under the general supervision of Capt. Lamoureux, the ATV Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the special undercover operations and search and rescue efforts if time permits. The ATV Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining the ATV’s and keeping proper records of any repairs, or maintenance.

International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) Contract and Amendments

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