Clean Up Locations

Chosing a Location:  Below is a listing of clean up locations we would love to have adopted this year.  In an effort to send the correct volunteer crew, we have rated the area and gave a guideline of how many volunteers are needed.  

As we recieve requests, we will be marking those locations "adopted".  We will fill these on first come basis and hope if your wanted site is already chosen, you will just chose another spot. As you will see, we have a large number to select from and our goal is to clean as much of our community as we can.

Clean Up Sites 

We can assign a spot too:  For those who are not particular about where they clean, we are happy to assign an appropriate spot for your group.  

See an Area In Need:  If you notice an area that should be added to the list, just let us know. Will we be happy see if we can get that adopted.

Our volunteers always come out, work hard and are able to clean over 50- 60% of our community during this one-day event.  
That has made our Clean & Green Day one of the most success in the state!  

Your help is very much appreciated and makes NS a much better place to live.