UPDATE: Old Smithfield Road "DO NOT ENTER" Signage

do not enter

Effective, Monday, September 11th, the "DO NOT ENTER" condition on Old Smithfield Road weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm began. 

Some social media comments about the new traffic pattern imply the town’s interest is to create a private road or raise money.  Nothing could be further from true.  Our objective is to mitigate the safety hazard that comes with drivers racing across a narrow winding road endangering people engaged in normal neighborhood activities as well as other motorists.  Maintaining safety for residents and motorists is the only objective.  Since taking office in December, traffic and mostly speed of traffic has been the most frequent complaint that has been offered to our offices.  Courtesy in driving where ever we are is the easiest way to mitigate those complaints.  Where that obviously isn’t being realized, there is need for actions like these and our continuing efforts to encourage state resources to mitigate the condition that is the genesis of this neighborhood’s problem and that is the intersection of 146 and Sayles Hill Road.  We will not tire in that effort.