Stone Arch Bridge Construction Update

stone arch bridge

Update as of December 21, 2018: 
The historic Stone Arch Bridge, constructed in 1855, reopened on December 21, 2018 after an extensive reconstruction project by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.  Work on the Stone Arch Bridge will continue to restrict pedestrain access into 2019, including paving and the installation of ADA compliant railings and sidewalks.  The project was orginally scheduled for a 2020 completion but is now on track to finish up in 2019. 

This project shall consist of the rehabilitation of the Slatersville Stone Arch Bridge, No. 273, along with roadway improvements to portions of Main Street and Railroad Street/ Providence Pike (RI Route 5). 

The roadway work encompassed in this contract shall include saw cutting of pavement, remove and dispose of curbing and sidewalk, furnish and install granite curbing and concrete sidewalk, remove and dispose of pavement, install new signs and pavement markings, reconfigure the intersection of Providence Pike and Main Street, furnish and install gravel, adjust utility structures, install new drainage structures and pipes, maintenance and protection of traffic, construct and landscape the bituminous access ramp between Route 5 and Main Street, relocate both underground and overhead utilities and construct stone retaining walls. 

The bridge work shall consist of reinforcing the stone arch by drilling and grouting steel bars in the arch stones; installing and removing temporary utility bridge; installing and removing a temporary water diversion system and temporary earth retaining system; removing the existing stone masonry parapets and spandrel walls; removing the timber sidewalk and constructing a wider superstructure over the existing stone arch. The wider superstructure shall consist of a series of new precast concrete panels placed on top of new concrete fill material over the existing stone arch. The panels will have a concrete barrier along each of the curb lines and a sidewalk behind the barriers. Additional bridge construction will include moment slabs along the roadway approaches to anchor the two-bar bridge traffic railing, reconstructing stone spandrel walls to meet the underside of the new concrete panels, constructing approach slabs, repairing portions of the existing channel walls and cleaning and repointing the stone arches. 

The project will mainly be built during the day. Some night work will be required for paving operations. 

The bridge will be closed on two occasions, one to install the arch strengthening at the beginning of the project and then again after the utilities are relocated to complete the construction of the bridge. During the closure, there will be a signed detour. 

The contract states: 

  • The bridge may be closed and traffic detoured for up to 70 days during the arch strenghtening work prior to November 1, 2017 and finish in July of 2017. The bridge shall be reopened as early as possible after the arch strengthening work and remain open through March 2018.
  • Current schedule shows that the first closure will start May 1st, 2017 and finish in July of 2017. 
  • Second Closure- March 1 of 2018 through July of 2019