Planning Board Meeting Materials

October 1, 2020   This meeting has been cancelled
Planners Monthly Report
September 17, 2020

Comprehensive plan amendments-working draft

September 3,2020

GD NS Old Smithfield Solar 1

Cover letter narrative & attachments

Pacheco Solar Plans 1

Abandonment of Stoney Drive

Archambault St. Abandoment Plan

Memo - Archambault- Racine

Petitioner Town Council

Stoney Drive Administrative Subdivision Plan

Historic Preservation Tax Deferment - Waiver Ordinance

HP Tax Deferment Waiver Ordinance

Zoning Section 6.19 Water Supply Protection Overlay District

6-19 Amendments

Water Supply Protection Overlay Zone Map


July 16, 2020

Facebook post 1 as discussed at July 9, 2020 meeting

Facebook post 2 as discussed at July 9, 2020 meeting

Gold Plan as discussed at July 9, 2020 meeting





July 9, 2020

Gold Solar

5-28-2020 Gold


Sage June 22 additional info

Pages from Douglas

NSHA Letter to PB 7-9-20

Carey Subsivision

19034 Carey Soil Eval

Carey 6-12-2020

Carey DEM Test Pit Inspection

Carey Plan

Slater Village 

6-30-2020 Certificate of Completeness

RIDOT and RIDEM Permits

Slater Village Final Plans

ZBR Decision

June 11, 2020:

2019 Comprehensive Plan Survey


June 4, 2020:

Old business
Green Development Information (see May 26th link below)
New business

May 26, 2020:

Green Development Final Plan App

May 21, 2020:

Douglas Pike Solar - revised May 21, 2020

Gold Solar Plan Files

Gold Solar Plan Showing Trails - submitted May 20, 2020

May 7, 2020:

Econox Renewables - Grand Banks Solar

Edward Avenue Minor Subdivision Godfrin Trust

April 30, 2020:

Holliston Sand Accessory Solar

Theresa Hill Solar