Police Department

The North Smithfield Police Department is a full service department that includes: Uniform Patrol Unit, Investigative Services Unit, Traffic Enforcement, Crime Scene Investigations, Accident Reconstruction and a Prosecution Unit as well as providing community, youth and elderly services.

Command Staff

policesilChief Tim Lafferty
Chief of Police
Chief Tim Lafferty was appointed to the position of Chief of Police on March 2, 2020 after serving 23 years within the department.
riccitelliCaptain Stephen Riccitelli
Operations and Personnel
Captain Riccitelli oversees the Patrol Unit and Personnel. He is in charge of Investigative Services as well as the BCI unit.

Captain Russell Ridge


Administrative and Prosecution


Captain Ridge oversees the Administrative side of the police department, including Evidence, Pistol Permits, Facilities and Communications.  In addition, Captain Ridge oversees all matters involving Prosecution. 


Staff Contacts


Accreditation Manager

1st Shift Uniform Patrol Supervisor

2nd Shift Uniform Patrol Supervisor

3rd Shift Uniform Patrol Supervisor

Administrative Assistant

Department Members

Sergeant Eric Rondeau
Sergeant Benjamin Freeman
Detective Steven Donovan
Detective John Babineau
Officer Greg Chito
Officer Emmanuel Avila
Officer Steven Conti
Officer Alexander Murray
Officer Justin Switzer
Officer Kane Terilli
Officer Chrystal Lin-Cabral
Officer Nicholas Tomasetti
Officer Cameron Walsh
Officer Conor DiSpirito
Officer Kyle Delprete
Officer Michael Akinrola
Officer Joshua Guertin
Officer Ian Bissonnette
Vacancy One
Vacancy Two