Public Works Department


The responsibilities of the Department of Public Works, Highway Division are to maintain existing facilities, including roadways, drainage systems, bridges, culverts and town parks. The staff of the Highway Division works closely with other divisions such as Parks and Recreation, Water and Sewer Department and the Police Department in order to best maintain our Town. This Department provides the following services:

Sidewalk Construction / Repair

Roadway Reconstruction / Paving

Street Sweeping

MS-4 Compliance 

Snow Plowing / Sanding

Drainage Maintenance Repair

Pot Hole Repair

Brush Cutting



Winter brings with it lots of fun activities, but winter also means mounds of snow to shovel and layers of ice to remove.  During some snow storms, it becomes impossible for our plow drivers to know where the edge of the road is.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure safety and efficiency during a snow storm

  • Use reflective markers to make the edge of the road more visible for DPW when plowing.  This is the best way to ensure trucks stay off your lawns.
  • Please remove everything from the roadway to clear it for the snow plows to come through (cars, basketball hoops, garbage cans, etc.)
  • When shoveling snow or operating a snow blower, do not throw snow out in to the street or sidewalk.  This is not only against State Law (State Law Title 31-22-9), but this will ensure that snow does not freeze in the roadway or sidewalk and cause a hazard for vehicles and pedestrians.  Please visit for more information on our snow removal policy.
  • Trucks are plowing or spreading sand/salt. Stay back from the vehicle at least 100 feet to avoid problems; plow trucks often have to back up; there are blind spots in the mirrors. For your safety, do not pull directly behind them; they may not be able to see you.
  • Trash and recycling collections may be canceled if weather conditions warrant. Check our website,, or call (401) 767-2200 ext. 348.
  • Clear snow from around fire hydrants near your home/business to make them visible for our firefighters.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Raymond J. Pendergast, Jr. Director of Public Works (401) 767-2200 ext.341
Jeff Allard Foreman (401) 767-2200 ext.343
Chris Creighton Foreman (401) 767-2200 ext.343
Natalia Casper Highway Clerk (401) 767-2200 ext.348