Taxes -- Property, Water, Sewer

Tax Assessor & Tax Collector

Assessor's Office

This office is responsible for the history, maintenance and storage of assessments as they relate to motor vehicles, parcels, buildings and business tangibles as required by state law.

We strive to provide easy and convenient access to all public records within our care and maintain an easy and accessible means of appeal or corrections of inaccurate assessments and information.

Collector's Office

This office is responsible for the collection of all town taxes as well as sewer/water payments.  (For questions about water or sewer bills, please contact the Water & Sewer Department.)

We make every effort to make tax payment methods as convenient as possible while maintaining a pleasant and informative environment to help with any additional tax information questions.

Assessor's Office


Tax Assessor

(401) 767-2200 ext.325

Deputy Tax Assessor

(401) 767-2200 ext. 323

Collector's Office


Assistant Tax Collector

(401) 767-2200 ext.328

Tax Collection Specialist

(401) 767-2200 ext.327