How are excise taxes calculated?

Excise tax is a tax on the privilege of registration per RI General Law 44-34-2. The value is determined by the Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission per RI General Law 44-34-11 and is based on NADA values. The value is then reduced by the RI State exemption of $675. Passenger cars (type 01) between the ages of 6 and 17 years old receive an additional exemption based on the maximum taxable value for the age of the vehicle. The value is then prorated by the by the number of days the vehicle was registered in that year. Please note that the taxes are for what you had registered during the previous calendar year (January 1st through December 31st). The tax amount is calculated by multiplying the prorated value of the vehicle by the tax rate.

If you feel the dates of registration are incorrect on your tax bill, you will need to produce the cancellation receipt (TR-3) from the RI Division of Motor Vehicles. This is what you receive from the RIDMV when you turn in your license plates. This is the only document we can accept to make adjustments to the registration dates on tax bills.

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