Trash & Recycling Department


Recycling Center drop off hours are Wednesdays from 3 PM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Residents are welcome to bring yard waste or accepted recyclables.  The town offers free drop off for ridged plastic and scrap metal items as well as used motor oil.  Please do not leave items outside the gate after business hours, we will take notice!



Recycling .... We now have an app for that!

    Residents now can down load our free Recycle Coach mobile app for your smartphone, or web app by signing up below.
 Our new app will easily display trash collection days, even list when we have a holiday, our Recycle Center hours & days, yard waste colleciton weeks, white goods Saturdays, and other events. 

We hope you have fun with this new feature.  Recycling information is now easier than ever to understand. No more guessing how to properly recycle and manage your trash.  Read more details in the  Jan. 2018 press release here   or call with any questions.  

logoWeather Delays?  
Keep most current regarding weather delays and trash/ recycling collection. 
Call the Recycling Department @ 767-2200 x 348. The voice message will be updated as soon as we become aware of any delays in collection. 

Strongs winds, snow and other weather issues can complicate our weekly collections.  Please be mindful of weather when placing your containers at your curb for collections.  Windy days can lead to many items littered all through town.  Please consider holding to the following week if needed. Our town will hopefully stay litter-free with your help.  


Recycle Right & More in 2018

I hope this was a resolution on everyone's  list.  Together if we make sure we are recycling all we can,  we can make huge positive changes for our town, our state and our environment. 

North Smithfield has been stagnent with a 31% recycling rate for the past few years. That means we are missing a lot of recycling.  Really what can be recycled in our curbside collection is over 38%.  This year, take the time to look whats in your trash can and make sure there are no recyclables mixed in.

As always,  it is important to only put what belongs in the recycling curbside bin. With the following information, that is super easy to do. Please do not add everything and anything in your recycle bin -- it can cause the whole load to be rejected, and then nothing gets recycled.  Follow these guidelines, or call with questions, and you will be sure to Recycle Right in 2018. 

Let's Recycle Right 


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Natalia Casper (401) 767-2200 ext. 348