Recycling Center @ the Highway Garage

Winter Hours: Every Wednesday 8 am - 2 pm & some Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm.

Recycling Center @ HIGHWAY GARAGE
281 Quaker Highway, North Smithfield, RI
767-2200 ext. 345
Winter Hours: Every Wednesday 8 am - 2 pm & some Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm.

Open these upcoming Saturdays for 2018 :  January 27th, February 10

The Town has now a designated Recycle Area at the Highway Garage.  When we are open, we are happy to accept the folowing items:

Christmas Trees – Drop them off between Dec. 26 and Feb. 1. Do not put in a plastic bag.  Trees and natural wreaths are accepted but  must be free of  tinsel, ornaments or wire. All trees are shredded and turned into compost. Trees will not be collected curbside.

Mattresses & Box Springs -- click here for complete details

Motor Oil & Filters - Oil must not be mixed with water, antifreeze or other liquids.

Rigid Plastic – Empty garbage cans, broken recycling bins, lawn furniture milk crates, plastic toys, plastic pallets, flower pots are some examples. All containers must be empty.  All metal handles or non plastic pieces must be removed.
Please do not drop off other types of plastic. PVC pipe, vinyl siding, garden hoses or plastic film are not accepted.

Scrap Metal – Microwaves, metal appliances, pots & pans, bicycles, file cabinets, lamps, desks, metal rims, aluminum doors, old tools are some items accepted in this program. 

****Please, only the above items are accepted at the Highway Garage. Anything else left will be considered illegal dumping and is subject to a fine.