Recycling Center @ the Highway Garage

Spring Hours: Every Wednesday 3 PM - 6 PM & Saturdays 9 AM - 1 PM

Recycling Center @ HIGHWAY GARAGE
281 Quaker Highway, North Smithfield, RI
767-2200, ext. 348
Spring Hours: Every Wednesday 3 PM - 6 PM & Saturdays 9 AM - 3 PM


The Town has now a designated Recycle Area at the Highway Garage.  When we are open, we are happy to accept the folowing items:

Mattresses & Box Springs -- click here for complete details

Motor Oil & Filters - Oil must not be mixed with water, antifreeze or other liquids.

Rigid Plastic – Empty garbage cans, broken recycling bins, lawn furniture milk crates, plastic toys, plastic pallets, flower pots are some examples. All containers must be empty.  All metal handles or non- plastic pieces must be removed.

Please do not drop off other types of plastic. PVC pipe, vinyl siding, garden hoses or plastic film are not accepted.

Scrap Metal – Microwaves, metal appliances, pots & pans, bicycles, file cabinets, lamps, desks, metal rims, aluminum doors, old tools are some items accepted in this program. 

****Please only the above items are accepted at the Highway Garage. Anything else left will be considered illegal dumping and is subject to a fine.