Yard Waste


MTG will resume yard waste pickup on Monday June 1st and will run until Friday July 24th.  

NS Curbside Yard Waste Collection Program Details: 
*  Collected on your regular trash day, but we are using a separate "yard waste-only" vehicle.
*  Accepted yard waste must be in brown, biodegradable lawn bags or loose in cans clearly marked. Small bundles of branches are also accepted.  
*  Bundles are branches under 2 inches in diameter and smaller than 3 feet in length.
*  Reasonable amounts of bags/or cans of yard waste will be collected weekly. 
*  We are turning the yard waste into compost. No plastic bags, trash, stones or non-organic waste can be mixed in.
*  Please make sure you rebag any yard waste bags that are deteriorating.  Our crew will not be able to collect them even when the service begins. 
Yard Waste will also be accepted at the Highway Garage on Saturdays from 10 AM - 2 PM and starting Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 3 PM - 6PM  ONLY!   Please do not leave items outside the gate; we will take notice!

What is Yard Waste?  Yard waste that is accepted during our seasonal collections is defined as vegetation, grass, leaves and weeds, etc. Small bundles of branches that are twined and less than 2 inches in diameter and 3 feet in length are also accepted. It does not include dirt, stones or trash which cannot be mixed in.

Yard waste colleted in bags or bundles only.  For yard waste to be collected curbside or at our seasonal drop off, it must be in brown, biodegradable lawn bags or small bundles of branches that are the accecpted size listed above. Loose yard waste in cans cannot be collected.

When is the curbside pick-up season? The town offers curbside collection for 9 weeks in Spring and 9 weeks again in the Fall. These weeks, usually coincide when yard work is the heaviest, spring cleaning and fall leaves.

Collection takes place on your regular trash & recycling day, but a third separate truck comes to collect just this material. Please remember, yard waste is NOT allowed in the trash or recycling program and cannot be collected with these programs. 

Spring season begins around April 1st and continues through June 1st.  Fall season usually runs from October 1st to December 1st. Actual dates will vary as we always start on Monday, and we do take into account our current weather conditions.  

What happens to the yard waste after collected?  It is turned into compost. This is why it cannot be bagged in plastic, mixed with trash or non-organic materials.  

It is transported to the state landfill (RIRRC) and deposited in the separate compost area at the facility. Next, it is run through a shredder and turned for about a year which allows this material to naturally breakdown. Within a short time, your old leaves and clippings will decompose and become nutrient-rich humus which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil.  

RIRRC then offers this grade A compost to residents for $30 / cubic yard or $8 for a 40-pound bag. Look below as it is easy to make your own for free!


Yard Waste Never has to Leave Your Property -

It's greener and you get the benefits.  Read more by clicking below. 

Best Way to Handle Yard Waste


Start a backyard compost pile - 

This allows you to add fruit & vegetable scraps out of your trash amounts and with summer here, this type of waste adds up quickly. Not only will you get great free rich compost for your gardens, you will also be surprised how easy it is, and no animals if done right.

RIRRC has a wonderful program where residents can purchase a backyard compost bin.  Click below so you can also say "We Compost!"